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Business - A matter of survival & growth

The business and personal world is becoming very rapidly connected via the Internet.

Most small businesses may not survive without, at least, a basic Internet web presence.

Will your business grow?

Will your business stagnate?

Will your business perish?

Will your business survive?

To survive in this evolving world of e-commerce and international trade, every business and organisation needs to establish at least a basic presence on the Internet.

Did you know that, unless you act quickly, your competitors, or others acting unknowingly, can set up a web presence with a domain name very close to your company name, potentially robbing you of profitable business, or giving you a bad reputation by accident or design?


Start as small as you need, and increase your Internet presence as required.

Even a one page mini-site is a wise and economical start on your journey.

Grow, Stagnate or Perish