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Benefits of an Internet Web Site

  • Your presence, products and services are opened to millions of people around the world, instead of just your local market.

  • If you aren't on the Internet, people can't find you easily. Many potential customers now use Internet search facilities as the basis for their product and service researching.  This change alone, has totally revolutionised the travel and hospitality industries and is having an increasing impact on others.

  • You have a professional image presented to the outside world, irrespective of whether you are a sole trader working from your home, to a larger business working from external premises with an increasing number of staff.

  • You are able to display suitable pictures of your premises, including yourself at your home office desk if you wish. Showing the pictures of staff who are dealing with your customers on a day to day business can greatly increase moral and communication when customers are able to put a face to the name or position.

  • A very significant benefit of a mini-site, is the ability to send and receive e-mail communication with your customers with your domain name as part of the e-mail address eg johnsmith@australianwidgets.com.au


Start as small as you need, and increase your Internet presence as required.

Even a one page mini-site is a wise and economical start on your journey.

Grow, Stagnate or Perish