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Overview of an Internet Web site

  • Your company name will be seen and recognised, both locally and internationally increasing your credibility.

  • An Internet min-site is typically a web site of 1 to 5 pages designed to display quickly and be easy to navigate.

  • An Internet mini-site is a cost-effective means of marketing your image and products. This marketing is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • An Internet mini-site is a cost-effective means of producing and distributing brochures and other advertising media without the traditional cost of printing and distribution with its associated wastage. Changes can be made and published at minimal cost, almost immediately.

  • An Internet min-site is a cost effective means of distributing a regular newsletter to your valued customers and prospects.

  • An Internet min-site is a cost effective means of introducing new and existing products to your valued existing customers and prospects.

  • An Internet mini-site give you the ability to provide your valued customers and prospects with immediate answers to commonly asked questions, freeing you and your staff to handle the calls and correspondence which simply MUST be handled personally.

  • An Internet mini-site provides you with a number of e-mail addresses so valued customers and prospects are able to contact you quickly and easily. You are also able to compile and sent written communication more easily and cheaply and drafting, typing and posting letters. 


Start as small as you need, and increase your Internet presence as required.

Even a one page mini-site is a wise and economical start on your journey.

Grow, Stagnate or Perish