Small Business Websites

It is essential for all businesses to have a website to survive

What are the benefits of my own website?

The majority of your potential and actual customers want accurate, up to date, product information and communication.

A very cost-effective way of providing this service is through your own website.

Most importantly, the Internet, when properly set up and controlled, is very secure. The privacy of your data is assured.

You can even securely process sales online if you wish.

The main benefits are:

Your website works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Your website provides instant communication via the display pages as well as e-mail.

Your website utilises cost effective product brochures on line, saving a great deal of time and money compared to printed brochures.

Your website enables you to collect names and addresses of prospective customers and can send them regular newsletters if you choose. It is a known fact that most prospective customers do not purchase until the fifth to seventh point of contact with you. A newsletter keeps your name in front of them until they are ready to purchase from you!

What standard features are included in my website?

16 Aug 2005

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