Small Business Websites

It is essential for all businesses to have a website to survive

What extra features are available?

Apart from the standard features you will love for your website, there are several extra features you may want to consider:

These include

  • E-mail forms

  • Newsletters (current and archived)

  • Customer FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Domain choice and Registration

If you do not already have your own domain name registered, we can arrange to register for your own domain name of the following types; *, *,  *,  *.com, *.net at realistic prices. Please enquire about other domain types not listed here.

It is important to choose the correct type of domain name to suit your company. For Australia, we recommend registering both '' and '' to protect your corporate identity.

Prices for this service vary, even in Australia. Please enquire.

We register the domain in your company/trading name and it remains your property at all times.


Your website and Internet presence needs to be be hosted on a web server for people to be able to find it.

We are able to arrange this with realistically priced hosting companies with very reliable servers and service.

How affordable is it to have your own website?

16 Aug 2005

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Extra Features
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