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It is essential for all businesses to have a website to survive

Businesses need a website to survive

It is all too easy to feel that we are on a treadmill in our current business world.

One way of changing this is to expand your market.

If you have your business in a local area, say, Sydney, you will most likely be limited to the people who come into contact with your business in the Sydney area.

Even if you are a sole trader, when you have an Internet presence,  you have contact with potential customers from a much wider field, and multiplying your profits manyfold

A cost effective way of doing this is to have your own website. It is far more cost-effective to do this that you may think.

Given that many people in the community now have access to the Internet and e-mail, a very cost-effective area which is gaining in popularity for small businesses is the use of the Internet for communication with potential customers via a mini website.

Many potential customers now regard the Internet as their primary research when looking for products or services.

E-mail is an essential tool for cost-effective communication anywhere in the world.

Set up correctly, it can be a godsend to busy and overworked small business owners. Done in an enthusiastic, but amateurish way, it can be a nightmare of work overload, as well as presenting outdated and incorrect information.

When done by a person who is a well-meaning and keen computer user, but without all the latest information, it can be a difficult, expensive and potentially embarrassing project.

Entrust your website to a professional service.

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28 Aug 2005

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