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It is essential for all businesses to have a website to survive

What options are available?

Over the past few years, the introduction and use of the Internet has changed our very way of life.

Personal computers can be frustrating at times, but they have enabled us to communicate in ways we never dreamed of only a few years ago.

The Internet communication options for small to medium sized businesses are complex and can be a minefield at times.

The primary objective should be to let the world know that you are in business and are there to serve them.

The second objective should be; 'how can I best profit from the Internet?'

A website should be simple to quickly read, be effective in communicating to existing customers and increasing the interest of prospective customers.

Your own domain - the best solution.

Having your own domain shows that you are in business.

It is more cost effective than you may think.

Even a single page website, tells the world that you exist.

Once established it can be expanded as quickly or slowly as your budget allows.

You also have the advantage of a number of e-mail addresses available to you as well as expansion into the area of e-commerce as, and when, needed.

What are the benefits of a website?

16 Aug 2005

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